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We are officially in winter and we love it! When I think of winter I always think of fluffy sweaters and cute booties.
In London and New York fashion weeks we saw lots of knits, leather, velvet and fur (Oh, I love fur!). We saw long, Gothic dresses and military jackets. Androgyny was, again, there. And of course a style that was huge in summer indie, alternative, rocker, hipster (or as Musafa likes to call it ‘’drifter’’) is going to follow us in winter too. So what will Stardollies be wearing in winter?

1#Oversized sweaters                                                                                                                    
They are super comfy, cozy and cute. Perfect for an effortless, casual, chic look.

2# Leather and leather pants

Such a nice alternative to plain black leggings.  Pair them with neutral sweaters for a statement look that isn't too over the top.

3# Printed Leggings

Tribal printed leggings are everywhere but not many people dare try them.  They go absolutely amazing with a black sweater and a cute beanie.

4# Knitted accessories

Knit was big on the runway this year and we love it too. Knitted beanies, scarves, gloves and socks are super cute and also super warm.

5# Booties and riding boots.

Black ones, heeled ones, maroon ones, laced ones, tall ones? All of them.

#6 Lots of accessories.

Crosses and chains are great. Skulls too. Rose gold is beautiful. More is more. Don’t forget studs!


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