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Hello Fashionistas! We already started with the general writing and I would like to continue with it by talking about one of my favourite type of styles on Stardoll, and of course, real life - STREET STYLE! And this time I'm talking about the DRIFTER kind of one. Now, the name 'drifter style' isn't the official name of the style, I like to call it that way because it really reminds me on drifters, with the oversized leather jackets, lacerated skinny jeans, cross necklaces, tattoos, cigarettes, etc.

Drifter Style is kinda free, funky style and that's the main reason why I'm in love with it. I found some amazing Stardollies for you to see and they're all dressed in Drifter Style. Cheek them out!

 I just simply adore these girl's outfits! They are all dressed amazingly perfect! I personally more prefer when i see a MeDoll with many details, such as socks, necklaces, bracelates, etc. rather then seeing a MeDoll with just shirt, jeans and heels. Those girls did wonderful job with their outfits!

I also found some amazing Stardoll items in Drifter Style and I'm gonna show you with what all can you combine them with! All these items are very useful and they can go with mostly anything!

Jackets (oversized, military, western...), glasses, chains, cross necklaces,  boots and braclates - DRIFTER STYLE! You can combine all these items with many things and styles, they just simply go with all. I am a fan of oversized jackets and I think they go perfect with western leather boots. Chains are amazing and they are good at classic outfits or for work. The chains that you see on the picture are going great with white items. The sunglasses I put on the picture definetley won me the first time I saw them and I am wearing them in mostly every style of my cause they fit perfectley everywhere. Such as the braclate, cross necklaces and the spiky button bag! What do you think about the Drifter Style? Leave your answers at the comment section below! :) Till the next post, Ladies!

xxxo, Musafa

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