petak, 14. prosinca 2012.


Hi Dollies! You could already see that Meapte Team is brining in some changes and one of them is the new banner that we have already added. With the new banner, we wanted to add NEW FRESH Funky design and colours into our blog and I really hope that you like it! We also wanted to warn you that if you see that our banner is gone, or if you see that something is the way it shouldn't be, DON'T WORRY, we're not closing down or anything similiar like that, infact, we're just testing some designs and changes that we are about to bring to make this place even bigger, more fun and more opened to everyone! These days we are going to be super-busy with all the new upgrading things, but that's definetley not going to stop us from posting about Everyday's Stardoll Fashion! More fun, help, hints, guides and articles are just about to come! 

xxxo, Meapte Team

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