nedjelja, 2. prosinca 2012.


We are so excited that this blog is getting all bigger and more opened to Stardollies from all around the World. We already picked out some great writers, models, stylists and graphic designers. We will need more of them so feel free to apply for anything you think you're good at. Once again, you can apply by clicking on the 'Join Us' button where you can find some forms for each part you want to take in the blog. You can fill the form in the comment section, but to become a part of Meapte, you need to follow us first.

A lot of Stardollies have been asking questions about the competitions that are about to come soon; What kind of competitions will be there, the prizes, the correct date, etc. We are still working on that, we try to make it as much interesting and fun as it's possible. There will be Top Model Competitions, Best Advisor Of The Month, Dress up Tasks, Makeover competitions, etc. And the prizes will be valuable, of course.

All the other information tht you will need to know, will be published with the time. We are about to start with general writing, news about Stardoll and Today's Fashion very soon. Guides, tips, hints, new trends and many more are about to come! :)

Stay with us and enjoy your first day on Meapte Stardoll!

xxxo Meapte Team

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  1. Congrats for the blog, it is amazing. I've just followed it. I think it will be great. I'll try to be as active as posible. :)

    (Sorry for my English, I'm from Spain)

  2. By the way, I am amaia_estebanez in Stardoll.