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Hello, Fashionistas! It's Musafa and Nadia asked me to post her work instead of her, because she had some complications with posting, oh, you know, Google, G-mail... So Nadia is talking about the new amazing LE Interior Store, check it out!


Hello Stardollies!
You have most likely already received a notification saying that the new LE décor collection has arrived. At first glance it seems very girly, there’s lots of pink. I was really excited to check it out! It is holiday themed, though most items are versatile and work perfect all year long, which is absolutely fantastic!

This collection has a very sophisticated, romantic touch, it almost seems like it popped out of another period of time. There are lots of golden details, lots of floral patterns.
The Christmas themed items include a sparkling and a spotted reindeer, two decorated chandeliers, holiday socks, a holiday calendar cabinet, other ornaments and decorations such as balls, moons, angels, candles, decorative boxes, golden and pink Christmas flowers as well as a small tree.

Most of the furniture is not holiday themed but has an elegant touch. There are many small cushions, some are glittery, pink or fluffy, which give a cozy, perfect for winter, feel.

My favorite item is the floral armchair. It is just perfect. Modern and chic and classy. Well, I couldn’t resist it. I also really liked the glittery cushions and the floral jewelry box.
All in all I think it a very nice collection, a little bit pricey maybe, but definitely very stylish. I really like how, although it is holiday-ish, it can still work perfectly for the rest of the year.
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