nedjelja, 30. prosinca 2012.

Talented unknown MeDolls

Hello Dollies,  
today while I was just looking at dolls and their suites I realise something . There are so much TALENTED but UNKNOWN MeDolls !
I can bet that all of you know some of these dolls :
- Rojda32
- Kusja
- LenyCarter ...
But, in this post I'm gonna show you EVERY SINGLE DOLL THAT HAS POTENTIAL !!
 Every week I'm gonna show you 3 different dolls.
Are you ready ?
Let's start !  


 This girl designed leopard print on the carpets, that's how she made that great walls. She used some freebies (little animals on the couch) to fill in the empty space . She also got an great idea for the second room doors ... I love that carpet on the floor and the flowers in left corner (up) . Cool wardrobe, and if you look carefuly you can se a designed woman in "the second room" . This suite is great ! Her outfit is beautiful - glamourus but still everyday. She design jelwery and very nice but still cheap hair !
This is really talented doll.

2. daisy-croatia 

This girl is just brilliant !  Her designes, she designed posters with simbols of famous designers or famous fashion houses . She designes windows, sky, clouds, and all those beautiful stuff. She makes great presentations and beautiful hair for cheap price . Her style is elegant, classy, everyday, anything she wears suites gorgeus on her .


 I just can't belive that this girl isn't so famous ! Things that she makes with hair designer - BRILLIANT !!! Her creations, dresses, apartment, the way how she thinks it's unbelivable ! She is from France and she was MSW semi finalist. I don't know is she selling any of her creations but nevermind, just one look and you are speechless... I just know that she is very good friend with ultimate popular - Rojda32 ! 
 I am so sorry for not puting pictures of all of her rooms but you can visit her ;)


That was the first number of this column, hope you like it. If you want you can apply so you can be one of the 3, just apply in my guestbook ...

Hope you like it, xoxo, Miss-Lea-Zd ! 

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  1. I like this post! it gives the unknown talented medolls a way to get noticed, keep it up :)xx