nedjelja, 16. prosinca 2012.


Dear dollies, 
I wrote this post to warn you : there are so much liers on stardoll !
Today I log in, and a girl called Livija.Stardoll started to lie .
Our conversation :
Livija.Stardoll : Hello, I want to say you something .
Me : Hello, ok .
Livija.Stardoll : I am the first stardoll detective . Do you want to join stardoll staff ?
Me : don't seem telling true. Stardoll would say something about "detectives", and you don't have stardoll stuff stamp on your profile .
Livija.Stardoll : It is a secret organisation, and I saw that you are very kind and that you don't have any argues on stardoll.
Me : Sorry, I don't belive you, and I don't belive you at all when you said that I don't have any argues, I had them, a lot .

After that, she dissapered ... until ... TODAY !

Conversation #2 :

Livija.Stardoll : Hello.
Me : Hello .
Livija.Stardoll : I need your password, quick, it is an emergency.
Me : Haha, forget about it. Use your doll .
Livija.Stardoll : Hey, stop ! You are very rude, and in one second I can erased your profile !!
                      This was a moment when I started to laugh .
Me : Yea, I totaly belive you . Stardoll staff don't know how to write, you used past tense !!
Livija.Stardoll : ...
Me : :)

She loged out, I blocked her ... no problems ... 
But maybe someone is better in acting then her. 

NEVER, EVER don't give your password to anyone !     


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