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Hello, Fashionistas! I fall in love with the amazing Holiday Hot Buys Lipsy Printed Dress, it looks so rich, glamourous and elegant. It has a lot of details which I simply adore! I decided to make couple of outfits with it, gonna mix it all with a litlle black because it goes perfectly with it.

The dress is, as I said, very glamourus, elegant and chick, for all kinds of formal occasions and I decided to show you with what all can you combine this dress with! Check it out!

    Model: mecooooooooo

The first outfit is really classy and rich-looking. I used this wonderful Hot Buys General Jacket that has this amazing golden fabrics that will fabolously match with the Lipsy Printed Dress. This Encrusted Box Clutch has very similiar pattern with the Lipsy Printed Dress and I used the clutch instead of the bag cause I think that cluthes are MADE for this kind of outfits. Also, I took casual black platforms that really complete the whole look and they make it more elegant.

I also adore the second outfit and mostly because of this long Moschino black skirt. The Miss Sixty Furry Coat makes it all more detailed and with this type of outfits, bags fit perfectly! I was really picky about the shoes cause I couldn't decide between this Golden Hot Buys Heels or Hot Buys Wedge Shoes cause they both looked great. I also used the famous Golden Chains that supouse to be a necklace but I used it as some attachment to the dress and of course, how could I forget the Moschino belt!

On the third outfit, I used Belted Loop Sweater, kinda furry one, also. I love the belt thing, because it really expressed the elegance even more and those Rosario Brown Leather Shoes from Young Hollywood extracted the whole outfit. I used the Layered Sequin Clutch (also from Young Hollywood) because I didn't wanted to use one-coloured clutch for this outfit cause we already have the shoes and the sweater one coloured, I like when the colours are mixed. 

What do you think about the oufits?
xxxo, Musafa

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