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Hello, Dollies! 
Yestrday I sold bunch of things I didn't need in my Starbazzar and I decided to spend my earned stardollars to buy and replace those useless items on something stylish, chick and FLORAL! I like floral patterns, they are very IN these days. You can see them in mostly every Stardoll corner. The first place where I went to search for floral items was Pretty n' Love! Litterly EVERY item in Pretty n' Love store has floral pattern!

I think that all these items in Pretty n' Love are very usefull and extremely cute! There are a lot of vintage items, aswell, but vintage is very IN these days and we all know it! :) The second place where I went to search for some amazing floral items was Bonjur Bizou. Bizou is one of my favourite stores on Stardoll, you can find many, many vintage things out there, but you wont be able to find many floral ones, even though I found amazing Coral, kinda floral skirt! AND I made outfit with it right away!

I trully love my outfit, what (trust me) rarely happens, lol. But however, I am very satisfied this time. I love to combine and dress my MeDoll in all kinds of way so I used this laced dress as top and since it was too short, I was able to put the Coral Skirt on it, so that it looks like separeted top and skirt. I also used this Limited Edition Tiger Bronze Belt which was too cheap for it's look and value (40 stardollars)! I think that's not that much, since it is very, very usefull item for me so far and that is very important for me. I'm not so sure can you see my old, old VOILE white bag under my MeDoll's arm because it blended with the background, ha-ha!

 That bag is trully very old, I think I bought it at the time I joined Stardoll (2008.) and yet, it is still a very usefull item for me! I picked some kind of a clutch, beacuse I thought it will be batter then some bag that has to be carried in the hand, so I just picked a clutch. Oh, and about the Blue Glitter High Wedge Pumps.. They are very gorgeus to me, and yes I know that they don't really fit the complete outfit, because of their colour, I could just wish if they were beige, ha-ha! However, I picked them because they kinda extend my MeDoll and because they make the whole outfit more colourful! 

What do you think about floral patterns? Leave your opinion in the comment section below!

xxxo, Musafa

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