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Hello Dollies! I recentley made a site that probably most of you guys know about - Ask.fm. I don't honestley like it very much cause people can write you anonymous questions that sometimes can be normal type of questions but sometimes those questions can lead to cyberbullying (so I suggest not to make it). However, I got a question that says: Do you support gay marriage? My answer on the question was:

,,I do, I do support gay marriage, because... When you're in love, I'm sure that you don't want anyone to take that away from you, then why would you want to take that away from somebody who has different sexual selection? Some people can say that they're against gay marriage even if they're not, but they say they are to please some people and to be accepted in some society circles, but I don't think that's good, you should always say your opinion and you can't please everybody. And I think that question 'Do you support gay marriage?' is the same as the question 'Do you support people who love each other?''

That question, together with my answer, gave me inspiration for today's post and it is about how you should always, always, always say your opinion on everything!

You don't have to hide from your opinions just to be, as I said, accepted in some society circles. And don't ever be afraid to say what you really mean. Even if a lot of people in your company and friends have different opinion then you in some things, even then you should say what you really mean, cause then your uniqueness will be more expressed and the most important, you will learn more how to stand up for yourself. 

I have to admit, Dollies, that sometimes telling your opinon can bear some consequences.. in some cases. So the best thing will be, that before you say anything, think about it before you say it.

xxxo, Musafa

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  1. You are 100% right. Everybody should be able to express their feelings freely. And love is love anyways!