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Howdy, Stardollies! Couple of days ago, I was talking about Drifter Style, what type of the style it is, what kind of clothes do we consist under Drifter Style, etc. Today I decided to talk about my favourite type of style EVER, and yes I'm talking about Western. Western is cool, messy & stylish, but the main reason why it's my favourite is because it is so interesting , colourful and so LIKE A BOSS. Western mostly consists cowboy boots, cowboy hats, dirty ripped jeans and pants, shorts, colourful shirts and many more. People dressed in Western style have many details in their outfits, such as all kinds of jewerly and accesoriess - big vintage rings, necklaces, scarfs, belts, bracelates, ANYTHING THEY THINK OF! I'm in love with everything about Western Style, but mostly with patterns. They are so detailed.

 I captured some amazing Western outfits of my MeDoll, they are all in Western style, but still, all of them are different in their own way, check them out!

On the first outfit, you can see this dirty, ripped, messy, cool kind of Western, with shorts, cowboy hat, vest and sunglasses. Unlike the first outfit, second outfit is a litlle bit more relaxed. Long beige skirt with white blouse and bag with fringes, this outfit makes it so much feminine. Third outfit is some kind of mix between Western, Pirate and Gypsy Style. Long exotic pattern skirt with high leather boots, tattoo, big earings and narrow waist this outfit is really rough but still very stylish.

I also preapared some Western clothing items that I found on Stardoll. The pictures shows all the items that combine with each other. All these items can go with many things, they are very useful and stylish. Check them out!

All those items can go pretty much with everything. The belts, shorts, bracelats, shoes, you can combine with many things! I'm a big fan of boots and they can combine with skirts, shorts, long, short, pants, jeans, etc. They are very helpful and useful clothing item.

What do you think about Western style? Leave your opinion in the comment section below! 'Till te next post, Ladies!

xxxo, Musafa

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