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Hi I'm your blogger blizanci, I prepared for you TOP 3 MOST TALENTED DOLLS! Surely, you all know them, all three of them have something in common and that is that they work hard and they are all very famous on Stardoll, so take a look!


I think shes  full of inspiration and patience, because she has so much designs. For each design she should have a lot of patience and time. My  favorite design is the naughty kiss, you can see it of the picture. Kusja was also on the 2nd title on MSW Competition.


She is known by her amazing hair designs. I just simply love the way she's making all those poses with the hair design, trully talented MeDoll! She also won the 3rd place in MSW Competition!


Her suite simply rocks and I  simply adore all of her designs and combinations. She's just so talented that it's just unbeliavable the thing she has done with the hair design abbilites! Congrartulations, indeed :)

And that's it, next time I will prepare the 4 most beautiful doll from Croatia, enjoy!

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