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Surely you have many times been in demand for a wig! But sometimes  you  cant  find  a perfect wig  that suit you. So i decided to make this post to help you find a wig!Soo..take a look!
teusa has really good designs, i love them! For sell she has wigs,heels,legs and more.Take a look .
This is ivana12-,she is not so famous ,but her wigs are really beutiful.Go to her baazar!
This is cipria ,she make really fantastic wigs.Her wigs are enough cheap.She has a lot of   hair designs.Unfortunately  she dosnt become a price for her wigs :(
Her name is elfinCoverGirl ,she is so beutiful.I love all her wigs ,it would be damage  to not look at her baazar!

Thank you for reading!  Your blogger blizanci. xoxoxo                                                        

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Talented unknown MeDolls (3)

Dear dollies,
this is the third number of this column so I need to say that I am really excited beucase so many of you asked me can they be mentioned in this post. 
But, please, if you want to be mentioned in this column you need to be selfcritic person !
Some of the dolls that asked me can they be mentioned in this column are beautiful but still average ... please BE MORE CREATIVE ! 

So, let's start :

1.MissKissGirl98 - this girl has an amazing suite ! Creatice and "warm" I can call it HOME .
Her outfits are very, very nice and they can be everyday outfits, glamourus outfuits ... her combinatuions are nice . She is a real fashion girl ! She also designes hair, I think it is very interesting and exotic ! 

2.ILOVEHELLY- this girl is very CREATIVE ! Her suite is kinda funny with the wacum and all ;) it is really nice ! She designes amazing wigs, bandanas ! Jelwerry.... she has so much achivements ! As I can see I think she is nice girl ... Her outfits are just HIGH FASHION ! They are simple but beautiful !


  3.CoolGirl185 - This girl has it's own COLECTION ! I think it's inspiring and beautiful it's called "Mistic by M" .... very mistic name for a colection, don't you think that ? ;)
She designes wigs to and has a lot of achivements ! She was MSW semi-finalist two times and she has nice outfits !

This is it ! Hope you like it ! And if you want to be mentioned in this column just send me a message or guestbook comment !

Miss-Lea-Zd :* 

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 Hello everyone! Today I prepeared one post where I'm going to show you top 8 most popular pieces of clothing on Stardoll! These things are in mostly everyone's wishlists.

First most wanted Stardoll clothing item are Black Platforms from Archive. Those platforms came in Starplaza in 2010. Everyone wants to have them, they are very expensive and one of the most rare items on Stardoll.

Scuba dress is so very famous and rare dress from  DKNY. She came in DKNY's first collection long, long time ago.

Tan Plather Platforms are from Pretty in Love. They look like the shoes from archive, but only in different colour. They come in starcoins & they are also very wanted.

Of course, bandana. She came on Stardoll also very long time ago, but Stardoll decided to return it again in RIO for 4 SD! Later, Stardoll removed it from the store again.

Katy Blue Velvet Shoes are from the first collection from Young  Hollywood, they are really rare and expensive.Noone sells it under the price 600 SD.

Sher Maxi Skirt from Mortall Kiss. Everyone are crazy about this skirt, some people don't even want to sell it, it's very beautiful and elagant, but people who decide to sell it, they don't put the price under 500 SD for sure.

The Gucci Hat. It isn't that rare, but it is also one of the most wanted items on Stardoll. Everyone are crazy about head pieces.

Winter Mill Jeans from Mortall Kiss. I love them so much because they are tattered, really funky and cool-looking. They aren't very rare and they aren't very, very expensive, aswell.

Thank you so much for reading!
Your blogger, Blizanci


Hello everoyne! Recentley, I've been getting some questions from new and old Stardoll members asking me do I know what is Callie's Crew, how to become part of it & what it acttualy stands for. It was hard for me to explain what this Callie's Crew does, because Stardoll never spoke a word about it and never shared it with the whole Stardoll Comunity. When you go to the club, there is absolutley no signs whatsoever that will help you even guess what this could be, but luckly I have found the real meaning of this Crew.

Obviously, I was asking some members and my friends, as well, do they mabye know what this could be, but nobody had a clue. I decided to search it over the Internet and I found some information in Underneath Stardoll Blog. Mabye you noticed it, mabye you didn't, but dolls who are part of Callie's Crew, they have a purple mark, just like Stardoll Staff on their page, but it doesn't say Stardoll Staff, it says Callie's Crew. Here's the one I found at ceren.gk's page (the winner of MSW 2011.):

So, using the information that I found on Underneath Stardoll, what I found out is that this Callie's Crew is acttualy a club for respected and long serving MeDolls who have help Stardoll in keeping it a safe site and fun place for everyone of all ages and nationalities. Everyone who wants to become member of Callie's Crew has to be at least level 40 and he has to complete the Safety Quiz. However, Stardoll is currently not accepting any new applications, but, as they say, if and when they do, they will make sure to share it with the entire Stardoll Community. 

They aren't many members of Callie's Crew, Underneath Stardoll has revealed a couple more, with the ceren.gk, some members of Callie's Crew are Madmadeleine and Madrockafox. 

What do you think about this?
xxxo, Musafa

utorak, 8. siječnja 2013.

Tied shirts/tee

Hello dear readers, here it's viilie! I'm back from my travel, I owe you an apology cause I haven't post anything interesting since I've been making part of this family.. I have written some articles, but I just found time to post them now, and I'm really sorry for that.. I hope you like my posts :)

Today I'm going to talk a little about a recent trend, that is actually back from 80's. It's the tied shirt! Yeah, this trend started in 80's, 90's and it's interesting to know that it was the first time women used shirts and the tie was a female touch (sorry I couldn't find pics of 80's).

In 80's women used to wear it with high-wasted pants (which wasn't the way it is today), with shorts, over a dress.. And well, this trend became famous again when the stylist Patrícia Field dressed Sarah Jessica Parker a checked shirt in the movie Sex And The City.

And the best part of it is that there are several ways to combine and you can always adopt it in your look.. You know when your outfit doesn't look good on you? For example, your shirt is too long, and it's hiding a detail you want to show.. Try to tie your shirt, it's simple and easy and it could be the missed piece of your outfit! And it's not just this, the trick helps who wants to show the belly and doesn't know how to start. You can use it with shorts, long skirts or even cropped pants. Shirts with tight pants and flat shoes is a good combination if you like vintage outfits.

For people who live in countries that is in summer now, enjoy it! Cause at least here, in Brazil, I've seen A LOT of people using it.. even my mom! Believe me, this trend is so nice that looks good in everyone.

In Stardoll:

Well, I created some outfits with some items I have, and as you can see I mixed styles and seasons.. And it's nice in Stardoll, cause the knot isn't just in front, and it's not always the same knot.. 

I have more examples to you:

1. Pretty n'Love - Carrie top
2. Antidote - Tie Front Sweater
3. Young Hollywood - Rihanna Denim Crop Top
4. Tingeling - Bamboo Tie Shirt
5. Rio - Hot Buys Zebra Top

I know we can find more of them in Starbazaar, one that is very famous is part of Sex And The City's collection, and it's the inspired in the shirt that Jessica's using in the picture above (I can't remember who has it, that's why I didn't show it here)

What do you think of this trend? Did you like or no way to use it? 

bisou bisou,


Today new items came in Apres Ski store in Starplaza. In Apres Ski, as we all know, we can find items for Winter, the store only consists Winter collections and they aren't that bad. They're not that expensive either. This new collection, kinda for me personally, isn't much batter then the previous one, I have to admit that I like the previous one more, but there are some things in this new collection that I will definetley buy. 

As we can see, there are some shiny silver patterns some vests, furry coats and oversized sweaters. I don't like how heels lost a bit of originality in this collection but there are some details and accessories that can be well used. 

My favourite item will definetley be the Winter Owl Dress. First I thought that it comes in two parts, I thought it's a dress and a sweater, but this can work too. The light blue and beige are mixed, I like that. The Party Ski Dress isn't bad too, just like Knitted Frost Jumper. 

How do you like the new Apre Ski Collection? What's your favourite item? :]
xxxo, Musafa

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Hello everyone! My name is Barbara (barbaracanon on Stardoll) and I am new writter for Meapte Stardoll! I hope you're going to enjoy my posts!! For my first post I decided to talk about some styles that are most used these days! Enjoy!

First thing that comes to my mind when someone says Sweet Style is definetley something sweet, nice, sometimes I even say that it could be childlish. :) Style is also made of a lot of details wich also makes it original as well. Mostly, it always appears in some gentle colours like light pink and blue. Here is an example


Romantic Style is very serious, and obviously, romantic. Mostly, this style appears in a little bit darker colours like red, dark red and black, just like in this example:


Classic Style can be classic style or dark style, in this case, it is something like EVERYDAY STYLE, something usual and ordinary, but that doesn't mean that this style consists only tops and jeans! In Classic Style, we also consists some other fashion supplements and accessories, take a look:

I hope you enjoyed my first post!
Yours, Barbara

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Talented unknown MeDolls (2)

Dear dollies, 
this is the second part of this column ! I won't talk to much ... let's just work ;)


When i see her suite there's not a thing that I would change 'cause it is amazing, just the way it is !!
OMG, her suite iz awsome !!   

Rest of her rooms are even better !
She was NCG, second place CG, third place scenery MSW SemiFinalist !


She designes poses, hair, shoes, she has so much achivements, she is so creative, she designes tematic dresses and so much other things ! Beautiful, just beautiful !!
Interior designes ... her outfits, suite ... no comment !


This girl make awsome interior designs ! Closets, carpets *O*


This was all for this week, if you want to be in this column (next number) just apply in comment or my guestbook !

Miss-Lea-Zd !

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Hi everyone! This week's Paperdoll for Superstars is Elizabeth Olsen! Elizabeth is 23 years old, she was born in Sherman Oaks, California on February 16, 1989. She is American singer and actress, and of course, as you may all know, she is younger sister of actresses and fashion designers Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen.

She started her acting career when she was 4 years old and co-starred in six of Mary-Kate and Ashley's productions. Elizabeth has received acting advice from both Mary-Kate and Ashley.

By age 16, she began studying Russian theater, which resparked her interest in acting. In 2009, during her sophomore year, Elizabeth became the understudy for the Nicole Hallday character in the Broadway show Impressionism. It was during this time that the youngest Olsen sister met her agent. Together, they decided that theater would be the path for Elizabeth. The decision was partly motivated by the way the media had treated her older sisters after they had been thrust to the spotlight very, very young.

Can't wait to dress Elizabeth!
xxxo, Musafa

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Searching for a great outfit in starplaza, I've found a pair of jeans from the store Roberto Cavalli. I really like them.
I made two very nice combinations (at least I think so).
So take a look.

These are the jeans from Roberto Cavalli Store (23 SD)

This is the first combination. For  that combination you  will need :

Millitery Jacket  Ralp Lauren - Nelly.com - 24 SD
Belt - ARCHIVE - 6 SD 
And of course, these jeans! :)

This combination turned out a little better because it has more details. Soo, for this combination  you will need:

Cape Coat - ARCHIVE - 9 SD
Black Deep Blazer - Pet a porter - 143 SC (put the blazer under the coat)
Holiday Hotbuys Gloves (Nelly.com/HotBuys Calendar) -10 SD
Black Round  Toed Pumps - Nelly.com - 9 SD
T-trap Black Heels - Windows Of The World - 63 SC (put  them on the Nelly heels)

Hope you enjoyed!
Your writer, blizanci 


Hello, Dolls! NEW Neon Doree collection just came out today in Starplaza and I wanted to make a quick review. There are all kinds of different colours, bright and colourful ones, lol. I personally always use natural colours for my MeDoll and this Neon Collection is more for some funky MeDolls who love rainbow colours, I guess... but this collection can be used by everyone.

How do you like the new Doree Collection? You're going to buy something?

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A New Year... A New You!

It's out with the old and in with the new!

Happy New year to every at Meapte and the readers!, I hope it's peaceful and pleasant for all. Firstly I apologise for my lack of posting.

Do you feel like your medoll needs a new fresh 2013 look? Does your medoll look out dated? Do you want to look like a star?

Well today I hope to help you get your medoll perfect!

As we all know, face shading is very popular on stardoll, I am going to show a few dolls that use the shadings

1.   aoifegurl




If you like shadings it's very easily find someone who sells , some people are expensive but if you can afford to splash out on a shading go ahead, or you could try make your own!


2013 fashion colour is


                      Thanks for reading,

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Hello everyone, just wanted make a quick post to wish everyone HAPPY NEW YEAR! I hope you spent the evening with your love ones and that you had a blast just like me! 2012. was a great year, many awesome things happened in 2012. and bad ones, aswell, but we shouldn't remember 2012. because of those bad things. However, we've got a new fresh start - 2013! I'm looking forward to it and I hope that many great things are going to happen to us! Meapte wishes you the best year so far and don't miss any chance that comes to you in this 2013!

Let 2013. be your year...