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Hi Stardollies! Today I found one very old Stardoll picture that I captured 4 and a half years ago! When I saw it, it really brought me back in those old Stardoll days and it reminded me on so many memories. BUT it also gave me an idea for today's post! A lot of new, and the old Stardoll members (including me) don't really know the real history of Stardoll! I was searching on the Net a bit and I found so many interesting information about Stardoll that I didn't even know about! I decided to show you how was Stardoll changing through the years. Enjoy!

When Stardoll was created in 2004., it's original name was Paperdollheaven.com and it was the hobby of the Scandinavian-born, Liisa Wrang. Liisa was inspired by the childhood passion for paperdolls and because of that, she started drawing dolls and wardrobes and that's how she taught herself web design. Very soon, her Paperdollheaven.com became a popular destination for teens. With the help of her son, in 2004., she upgraded her site and she called it Paperdoll Heaven! Liisa wanted to bring to girls a place where ''they could get away from the shooting and killing games that boys played''. If you're wondering, Liisa is still a big part of the Stardoll Family and she makes new paper dolls every week at Stardoll! 

In October 2004. this is how Stardoll looked like at first! Can you even imagine?

Because of all the traffic Liisa was getting, she had to upgrade her site! (pic below)

In the February 2005. Liisa added Sign In, Search and People who just Singed in Features. And March 2005. was the time when Paperdoll Heaven changed its name to Stardoll. It also changed to the Stardoll colours aswell. 

In April 2006. BIG CHANGE happened on the fresh-new Stardoll! The design of the page started to look more and more similiar with the Stardoll we all know about! I loved the way it looked that way! Oh, and pay attention to how many members Stardoll had then comparing to now!

On July 2006., Stardoll's layout changed, and the best thing is that that's the time when they added MEDOLLS & SHOP!

On December 2006., Stardoll added homepage animation and also The Show at the top! Look how many members Stardoll had at that time! Oh, ladies, at this time Stardoll didn't had many things, levels, starcoins, royalty, hair or jewerly design and many more, but it will all come with the time!

On February 2007., Stardoll added boy MeDolls and couple of more buttons for advertising.

On July 2007., Stardoll added different languages and clubs to the site. Also, on the right side of the bar you can see few more additions such as: Today's poll, Stardoll News and it seems that the Superstar thing was avaliable too. Check out how the number of members grew up so quickly!

On October 2007., Stardoll introduces Stardesign which brought even more people and more fun into the Stardoll world, but it was only for clothing design, sometime later, Stardoll invents Interior design and then many more!

On December 2007., layout slightly changed and ads got added. Members tripled since Dec 2006. It is so interesting how many new abbilities and features Stardoll added in 2007. Golden Stardoll year.

On July 2008. sceneries were added and Pick of the Day was added. Stardoll stood like this for quite some time. I joined in Feb 2008., oh when I just remember those good old times! :]

On Jaunary 2009., Stardoll changed its homepage giving it amazing fresh new look! So fashionable. It also gives you apeek inside before you sign in!

On July 2010., Stardoll changed the homepage to attract new members. I really liked it all in 2010., Stardoll became more fashionable and more attractive to Fashonistas from all over the World, just like us!

Stardoll in 2011./2012. invented and brought many, many new things. Such as jewerly design, hair design, Starcoins, they removed Starpoints and they brought levels, Harrods stores, they brought Penthouse, Beach Villa, Millionaire Mansion, etc., all kinds of expensions, abbilities, Styling Studios, Starmovies, National CoverGirls, Miss Stardoll World, possibility to polish and give a MakeOver to your nails and toes, Parties, shooting your MeDoll with the camera, and many, many more!

I trully hope that Stardoll will invent many more awesome things (not that this isn't enough, ha-ha!). I really love Stardoll and I hope you met Stardoll even batter, your Paperdollheaven!

xxxo, Musafa

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