ponedjeljak, 31. prosinca 2012.


Dear Dollies,

Today is the last day of the year, it’s time to say goodbye to 2012 & what’s better than doing so with a timeline? I made one for you with all the trends that were the center of attention this year.

Which ones did you like? Which ones did you hate?

                                                                                                                              Happy New Year.   

nedjelja, 30. prosinca 2012.

Talented unknown MeDolls

Hello Dollies,  
today while I was just looking at dolls and their suites I realise something . There are so much TALENTED but UNKNOWN MeDolls !
I can bet that all of you know some of these dolls :
- Rojda32
- Kusja
- LenyCarter ...
But, in this post I'm gonna show you EVERY SINGLE DOLL THAT HAS POTENTIAL !!
 Every week I'm gonna show you 3 different dolls.
Are you ready ?
Let's start !  


 This girl designed leopard print on the carpets, that's how she made that great walls. She used some freebies (little animals on the couch) to fill in the empty space . She also got an great idea for the second room doors ... I love that carpet on the floor and the flowers in left corner (up) . Cool wardrobe, and if you look carefuly you can se a designed woman in "the second room" . This suite is great ! Her outfit is beautiful - glamourus but still everyday. She design jelwery and very nice but still cheap hair !
This is really talented doll.

2. daisy-croatia 

This girl is just brilliant !  Her designes, she designed posters with simbols of famous designers or famous fashion houses . She designes windows, sky, clouds, and all those beautiful stuff. She makes great presentations and beautiful hair for cheap price . Her style is elegant, classy, everyday, anything she wears suites gorgeus on her .


 I just can't belive that this girl isn't so famous ! Things that she makes with hair designer - BRILLIANT !!! Her creations, dresses, apartment, the way how she thinks it's unbelivable ! She is from France and she was MSW semi finalist. I don't know is she selling any of her creations but nevermind, just one look and you are speechless... I just know that she is very good friend with ultimate popular - Rojda32 ! 
 I am so sorry for not puting pictures of all of her rooms but you can visit her ;)


That was the first number of this column, hope you like it. If you want you can apply so you can be one of the 3, just apply in my guestbook ...

Hope you like it, xoxo, Miss-Lea-Zd ! 


Hello Dolls,

New Year’s Eve is the last night of the year, a night full of drinks, food, music & memories… Make it unforgettable & let this classical look accompany you…

Tip; Choose a not very eye-catching attire & let your makeup be the centre of attention. You can never go wrong with a LBD (Little Black Dress).

                                                                                                                                    Take care.



Today some new Pretty In Love items just came in Starplaza. Same as Fallen Angel, think they lost a litlle bit of originality, but they aren't that bad, though. Their price is between 4-15 Stardollars and 31-34 Starcoins. I like the Lace Tunic and White high heels.  How do you like the new offer?

subota, 29. prosinca 2012.


Today some new items came in ORIGINAL FUTURE shop that is well known by fun and colourful patterns. 9 new items have been added between 4-14 Stardollars. We've got some neon, fur and skull fabrics and I got an eye on those Bottom Skull Pants and the Geometric Shoes, even though the other items are very cool aswell. How do you like the new offer? Gonna buy something?

petak, 28. prosinca 2012.


Nelly.com store has a new delivery. I personally adore the new items, even though the previous ones were also great. We've got some military jackets, some leather boots, then again some sequin items and dresses. Some items aren't that fab, it's like they lost a bit of originality, but then again, I see some items that are MUST HAVE. I will buy probably all the shoes, cause I adore them all, the beautiful long white dress, the jacket, dress with the laced pattern and the sequin shorts.

How about you? How do you like new delivery?

xxxo, Musafa

četvrtak, 27. prosinca 2012.


Hi guys! Today I prepared Black Swan inspired MakeUp look for you which will make you look like Natalie Portman in the Black Swan movie. Enjoy!

Here are some simple steps:

1.) Go to your Beauty Parlor and put the hair that's on the picture on your MeDoll (with the same colour)

2.) I recommend you to put the mouth that you see on the picture and make sure to put the exact same skin colour which is pale.  Also, you can put the dark red lipstick, or even Burgundy one from TRANSFORM.  And on the end, you just have to put the mask from SPLENDIED on the face of your MeDoll (11 sd).

3.) For the most cheap and most simple outfit look, you will be needing:

Black Tutu (VOILE - 6 sd)
Basic White Leggings (BASICS - 38 sc)
Black Leotand ( VOILE - 87 sc)
White Ballet Flats (BASICS -15 sc)


Hope you enjoyed it!
Your writter, blizanci xxo


Stardoll has been adding some new items lately in some Stardolls shops like RIO and Bonjur Bizou and the items are great. Today they delivered new items in Fallen Angel store and I really, really like them. They're unusual, controversial and interesting. We also got some spiky leather and furry items with dark patterns. They're not even that expensive, though. How do you like the new offer?

srijeda, 26. prosinca 2012.


Hello, Fashionistas! I fall in love with the amazing Holiday Hot Buys Lipsy Printed Dress, it looks so rich, glamourous and elegant. It has a lot of details which I simply adore! I decided to make couple of outfits with it, gonna mix it all with a litlle black because it goes perfectly with it.

The dress is, as I said, very glamourus, elegant and chick, for all kinds of formal occasions and I decided to show you with what all can you combine this dress with! Check it out!

    Model: mecooooooooo

The first outfit is really classy and rich-looking. I used this wonderful Hot Buys General Jacket that has this amazing golden fabrics that will fabolously match with the Lipsy Printed Dress. This Encrusted Box Clutch has very similiar pattern with the Lipsy Printed Dress and I used the clutch instead of the bag cause I think that cluthes are MADE for this kind of outfits. Also, I took casual black platforms that really complete the whole look and they make it more elegant.

I also adore the second outfit and mostly because of this long Moschino black skirt. The Miss Sixty Furry Coat makes it all more detailed and with this type of outfits, bags fit perfectly! I was really picky about the shoes cause I couldn't decide between this Golden Hot Buys Heels or Hot Buys Wedge Shoes cause they both looked great. I also used the famous Golden Chains that supouse to be a necklace but I used it as some attachment to the dress and of course, how could I forget the Moschino belt!

On the third outfit, I used Belted Loop Sweater, kinda furry one, also. I love the belt thing, because it really expressed the elegance even more and those Rosario Brown Leather Shoes from Young Hollywood extracted the whole outfit. I used the Layered Sequin Clutch (also from Young Hollywood) because I didn't wanted to use one-coloured clutch for this outfit cause we already have the shoes and the sweater one coloured, I like when the colours are mixed. 

What do you think about the oufits?
xxxo, Musafa

utorak, 25. prosinca 2012.


Merry Christmas Dolls!

I hope you are all enjoying your holidays extremely much! So today, I am making a post about the Holiday Hot Buys Rebecca Stella Dress from Nelly.com. It was released today and costs 25 stardollars. A little bit pricey, definitely, but I fell in love with it! I really like the sheer skirt, I had been looking for something like this for such a long time.  I made an outfit with it.

Rio Chickas-Rio Pleather Bag * Miss XV-Leonora Shoes *  Chloe -Grey Denim Jacket
Hope you likey!
Until next time,


ponedjeljak, 24. prosinca 2012.


Hello Fashionistas,

I am sorry I have been absent for what feels like forever! You know, this time of the year everybody is super busy with shopping and doing all the last minute things and on top of that I got grades at school! However, I am back with This Week’s Trend. And, I thought, since it is Christmas time, what’s better than sequins and glitter? Do try them, and you’ll shine, literally.
Here are my favorite shiny items on stardoll.

1. Bonjur Bisou Sequin Faux Fur Shift 2. Fallen Angel RARE Inspired by Balmain, 3. Nelly.com Best Skirt 4. Evil Panda Kung Fu Fighting Shirt, 5. Just Cavalli Sequined Skinny Pants 6. Dolce Gabbana Dress 7. Hot Buys Sequin Dress 8. VIVIENNE TAM Water Light Print Origami Dress

xoxo, Nadia


Dear dollies, do you know The Nelly holiday calendar? Everyday, new HotBuys item is out. Today new the new item is Holiday HotBuys Everyday Bracelat, it is also a pick of a day! Check it out:

This bracelet costs 8 stardollars!
I like it, I like it very much . It has a little "African spirit".
I made two outfits for you :

 This is an everyday outfit with everyday bracelet (up)
And this is a "buisness outfit" : (down)

I hope you like it!

How do you like the bracelet? :]



Hey Fashionistas! We decided to bring in the new ''column'' in our blog where we will tell you who is the each latest Stardoll that just arrived as a Dress Up for Superstars!

This week it is Tanit Phoneix, I don't know have you heard about her! However, Tanit is South African actress and a model!

She's 28 and she began her modeling career when she was 15! She first appeared in some commercials as Adidas, American Swiss Jewerelly, Nivea, Alberto VO5, Aria, Transition Lenses, Volvic, Veet and the Distractions lingerie campaign.

Tanit is a great dress-up doll and we finally got her on Stardoll!
Enjoy dressing!

xxxo, Meapte Team


Hello Dollies! I recentley made a site that probably most of you guys know about - Ask.fm. I don't honestley like it very much cause people can write you anonymous questions that sometimes can be normal type of questions but sometimes those questions can lead to cyberbullying (so I suggest not to make it). However, I got a question that says: Do you support gay marriage? My answer on the question was:

,,I do, I do support gay marriage, because... When you're in love, I'm sure that you don't want anyone to take that away from you, then why would you want to take that away from somebody who has different sexual selection? Some people can say that they're against gay marriage even if they're not, but they say they are to please some people and to be accepted in some society circles, but I don't think that's good, you should always say your opinion and you can't please everybody. And I think that question 'Do you support gay marriage?' is the same as the question 'Do you support people who love each other?''

That question, together with my answer, gave me inspiration for today's post and it is about how you should always, always, always say your opinion on everything!

You don't have to hide from your opinions just to be, as I said, accepted in some society circles. And don't ever be afraid to say what you really mean. Even if a lot of people in your company and friends have different opinion then you in some things, even then you should say what you really mean, cause then your uniqueness will be more expressed and the most important, you will learn more how to stand up for yourself. 

I have to admit, Dollies, that sometimes telling your opinon can bear some consequences.. in some cases. So the best thing will be, that before you say anything, think about it before you say it.

xxxo, Musafa


Hey Fashionistas!

Me and Musafa decided to have a contest..

This is a FIRST our competition so there will be a prize for winer.
For this competition you need to make Vogue cover.
You can make it in the scenery or in PhotoShop, you decide.

Anyone can enter and win, you all have the same chance.
You have time untill 27th December .
On 27th we will pick top 5 and make a post whit them and you will decide who wins.

This is the example:

Hope you will enter and send your finish product and stardoll username on Stardollmakeup97@gmail.com

Have fun

Matthew and Musafa ♥

subota, 22. prosinca 2012.


Hello Fashionistas!

Today I decided to show you this AMAZING eyebrows from starplaza.
They are "made" from diamonds and they go whit any makeup or clothes..

I saw few girls wearing them but I think that is a shame cuz they are relly like I sad AMAZING ^^

Check them out!!

And This is my doll wearing them :D
They don´t look so good whit hair that goes on the face cuz we are not able to put jewelry behind hair:/
So I choose this hairs:

They are sold separately for 8 sd (each)

Hope you will buy them!And rock them whit any outfit ...


četvrtak, 20. prosinca 2012.


Hello Fashionistas! First, we would like to apologize, cause we didn't write for a long time and the main reason for that is because we were super, super-busy with all the work and with all the new stuff that we decided to bring in Meapte!

 However, we're now here and we are about to continue with our work and we going to start by this new amazing idea that Stardoll came up with named Stardoll Academy! In the Stardoll Academy every Stardollie has a chance to participate and to express her knowledge about fashion, beauty or decor. Stardoll Academy consists all kinds of easy and fun tasks for which you get amazing prizes for such as Stardollars, Starcoins, Starpoints and even some clothing or jewerly pieces. Many dolls adore this idea, because the prizes are awesome and very fashionable and we can all agree that Stardoll was never this generous! 

There also exists your Yearbook where all of your projects are saved! You can vote for projects by clicking on the purple heart that you can see once you click the picture and that's how you get your votes! You can get in your yearbook by clicking on the Purple Stardoll Academy Sign next to Broadcast Masagges!

We hope that you like the Academy idea just like us! Enjoy and have fun doing this easy and helpful tasks that will make you fall in love with Fashion even more, thank you Dollies!

xxxo, Meapte Team

nedjelja, 16. prosinca 2012.


Hello Ladies,

Today’s post is about a look that has been a source of interest and intrigue for the fashion industry for more than two decades; Androgyny.

What it is.
Being androgynous means combining both feminine and masculine characteristics. Nowadays, female collections have been overwhelmed by girls in suits and oxfords. This style is considered to be very hard to pull off and in a very bizarre way very elegant and strong at the same time.

David Bowie, Brian Molko, Andrej Pejic, Lea T., Boy George, Amanda Moore 

You may also add some essentials to your closet like a nice white shirt, a pair of oxfords, a trench coat, some boyfriend cardis, some sweaters, an oversized leather bag and definitely a two piece suit.

Follow the example of many celebs that opted for a two piece suit instead of a dress. If you feel comfortable enough to pull it off you will be sure to stand out of the crowd. In case you want to make it a tiny bit more feminine add a nice pair of heels and a bold lip.

Last but not least; the makeup should be dark earthy tones for the eyes and nude for the lips. Top it off with a dark full brow. As far as your hair is considered, the pixie cut is gorgeous but for those who don’t dare try it a ponytail will do just fine.

Here are all the best parts of men’s fashion, use them to get a very androgynous look or use some of them to make your girly look a bit more interesting. Until next time,



Dear dollies, 
I wrote this post to warn you : there are so much liers on stardoll !
Today I log in, and a girl called Livija.Stardoll started to lie .
Our conversation :
Livija.Stardoll : Hello, I want to say you something .
Me : Hello, ok .
Livija.Stardoll : I am the first stardoll detective . Do you want to join stardoll staff ?
Me : Umm...you don't seem telling true. Stardoll would say something about "detectives", and you don't have stardoll stuff stamp on your profile .
Livija.Stardoll : It is a secret organisation, and I saw that you are very kind and that you don't have any argues on stardoll.
Me : Sorry, I don't belive you, and I don't belive you at all when you said that I don't have any argues, I had them, a lot .

After that, she dissapered ... until ... TODAY !

Conversation #2 :

Livija.Stardoll : Hello.
Me : Hello .
Livija.Stardoll : I need your password, quick, it is an emergency.
Me : Haha, forget about it. Use your doll .
Livija.Stardoll : Hey, stop ! You are very rude, and in one second I can erased your profile !!
                      This was a moment when I started to laugh .
Me : Yea, I totaly belive you . Stardoll staff don't know how to write, you used past tense !!
Livija.Stardoll : ...
Me : :)

She loged out, I blocked her ... no problems ... 
But maybe someone is better in acting then her. 

NEVER, EVER don't give your password to anyone !     


petak, 14. prosinca 2012.


Hi Dollies! You could already see that Meapte Team is brining in some changes and one of them is the new banner that we have already added. With the new banner, we wanted to add NEW FRESH Funky design and colours into our blog and I really hope that you like it! We also wanted to warn you that if you see that our banner is gone, or if you see that something is the way it shouldn't be, DON'T WORRY, we're not closing down or anything similiar like that, infact, we're just testing some designs and changes that we are about to bring to make this place even bigger, more fun and more opened to everyone! These days we are going to be super-busy with all the new upgrading things, but that's definetley not going to stop us from posting about Everyday's Stardoll Fashion! More fun, help, hints, guides and articles are just about to come! 

xxxo, Meapte Team

četvrtak, 13. prosinca 2012.


Hi I'm your blogger blizanci, I prepared for you TOP 3 MOST TALENTED DOLLS! Surely, you all know them, all three of them have something in common and that is that they work hard and they are all very famous on Stardoll, so take a look!


I think shes  full of inspiration and patience, because she has so much designs. For each design she should have a lot of patience and time. My  favorite design is the naughty kiss, you can see it of the picture. Kusja was also on the 2nd title on MSW Competition.


She is known by her amazing hair designs. I just simply love the way she's making all those poses with the hair design, trully talented MeDoll! She also won the 3rd place in MSW Competition!


Her suite simply rocks and I  simply adore all of her designs and combinations. She's just so talented that it's just unbeliavable the thing she has done with the hair design abbilites! Congrartulations, indeed :)

And that's it, next time I will prepare the 4 most beautiful doll from Croatia, enjoy!

srijeda, 12. prosinca 2012.

New member of the family

Hi dear readers! 

My name is Vitória Lie, in stardoll I am Viilie. I'm from Brazil.

As a writer of Meapte, I'm going to write news in fashion, I'll share a little of my knowledge, post some outfits, help you with trends and so much more! 

One thing I really love about Stardoll is that it arouses every single member that fashion passion that is inside of us. Everybody have, we just need a little push to show it. 

First, we all need inspirations to create something. It can be a picture, a song, a movie, a person, a feeling and even a dream. It doesn't matter where it came from, the most important thing is show people that you can be different, make something beautiful and unique.

 I have a lot of inspirations, I look for things that make me feel good. I really admire some styles as the Trash one and Vintage. Too much different? Well, that's what makes me feel good. And most of time I'm mixing both, and the results get me really happy with myself! 

I spend most of my time in stardesign, because I love creating new things. Anything you want, anything you need you can ask me in my guestbook, it's open to all! And I'm here to listen to your opinion too, if you have something to say, please, say it! It's going to be a pleasure to help you guys! 

It's a honor to be part of this family! I hope you like it :)


Stardoll disappointments!

Stardoll Disappointments

Hello! , my name is Aoife and I am a writer for Meapte Stardoll, It's only my first post because I have been terribly busy but I hope you enjoy it!

For 5 years now I have been an active user on stardoll, I always had dreams of achieving National Covergirl for Ireland and I tried to run for Miss Stardoll World this year, although I didn't win National Covergirl immediately I never gave up on my dream, it may have taken 4 or 5 months but in the end, I got there, although with MSW it wasn't so successful, but I still hope to run for it next year!. I first won National Covergirl in May and it literally was the best feeling in the world , the first time somebody wins!, I have since then won 5 more months out of 6. Although at first I felt like giving up because I felt I couldn't but I didn't, as a quotes say:
"If at first you don't succeed, try, try ,try again"
"be like a postage stamp , stick to something until you get there!"

Miss Stardoll World really angered me because I had spent hours upon hours asking for votes and I had spent more than 1k on stardollars broadcasting and I wasn't even a semi-finalist. Now I'm not a sore loser but majority of the Irish semi-finalists did not deserve to win, a lot of the people had received hardly any votes I had gotten over 2000 votes. But as I said I will try next year , there is no need to dwell on the past

!lf you are trying to win a competition , never , ever give up!. You will win someday! Just keep trying your best and if you ever want help everybody is here to help! , just think , if that girl or boy can win, then so can you!

I hope you enjoyed this first post!(:

Slán Aoífe!(:


Hello, Dollies! You probably already noticed that there is LookBook button on our page, but you could also see that it is just about to come and today we decided to give you the CORRECT DATE - 20. December 2012.

LookBook is specially made for all of our Stylists who will have a chance to post all kinds of outfits for all of our dear readers out there! Every outfit will consist clothes that you can buy in Starplaza, their price, the store where can you find it and many more. I really hope that LookBook will be helpful and opened to Stardoll Fashionistas from all over the World, and once again, if you want to be our stylist, make sure to apply yourself under the Join Us button! Thank you.

Be with us on 20. December on Meapte's LookBook Opening Day and win some prizes, more info is about to come!

xxxo, Meapte Team

utorak, 11. prosinca 2012.


Hello dollies,
Christmas is coming and well, everybody is super busy. I decided to do something I have seen in blogs before and is pretty cool; This Week’s Trend. It basically means that I will be uploading a new post about a different trend every week. Follow us if you like the idea! 

This week’s trend is denim. Well, I don’t think there are many people who dislike denim. Every fashionista knows about the ‘’perfect pair of jeans’’. But why not going a bit bolder? Like colored or printed denim. I love washed denim vests and destroyed denim shorts. May I add some studs?

1.Basic Plum Skinny Jeans
2.Jean Jacket
3.Nelly Shorts
 4.Distressed Jeans
5.Pale Roses Jeans

Extra Facts; Do you know that denim was originally called ''Serge de Nimes''  


ponedjeljak, 10. prosinca 2012.


Hello Dollies,
today I was looking what's new on Stardoll and I decided to take a look at the doll that I am visiting almost every time I log in. She is just AMAZING!
Her nickname is: Reem_Alzain¨!

Her rooms are very classy and just beautiful :

Just beautiful, isn't it?
She rocks all of the outfits, hairs - true artist!
What do you think?