srijeda, 12. prosinca 2012.

New member of the family

Hi dear readers! 

My name is Vitória Lie, in stardoll I am Viilie. I'm from Brazil.

As a writer of Meapte, I'm going to write news in fashion, I'll share a little of my knowledge, post some outfits, help you with trends and so much more! 

One thing I really love about Stardoll is that it arouses every single member that fashion passion that is inside of us. Everybody have, we just need a little push to show it. 

First, we all need inspirations to create something. It can be a picture, a song, a movie, a person, a feeling and even a dream. It doesn't matter where it came from, the most important thing is show people that you can be different, make something beautiful and unique.

 I have a lot of inspirations, I look for things that make me feel good. I really admire some styles as the Trash one and Vintage. Too much different? Well, that's what makes me feel good. And most of time I'm mixing both, and the results get me really happy with myself! 

I spend most of my time in stardesign, because I love creating new things. Anything you want, anything you need you can ask me in my guestbook, it's open to all! And I'm here to listen to your opinion too, if you have something to say, please, say it! It's going to be a pleasure to help you guys! 

It's a honor to be part of this family! I hope you like it :)


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