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Musafa - Meapte Stardoll

Hello all beautiful fashionistas! My name is Musafa and I'm so happy to introduce you my first ever Stardoll Blog and Magazine aswell! Wow, I have been working on this for such a long time and the day I have been waiting for has finally arrived. The reason why is this so important to me is because I'm playing this wonderful game called Stardoll for more then 5 years and I have never did anything like this. Of course, it's just a start, but with the time, I'm sure this will grow in something more, more bigger! Probably the word 'Meapte' is a litlle bit unknown to some members, but what it actually stands for is 'Mine' on latin. So the translantaion is - Mine/My Stardoll. Mostly because you can find all you need her - guides, tips, hints, advices, help, ANYTHING!

Meapte Stardoll is currently fresh new and I will be needing as much help as it's possible. Writers, models, stylists, menagers, advisors, Make-up artist, graphic designers, Interior designers, etc. More informations on where to apply you can find here!


I created Meapte Stardoll for all Stardoll members who love fashion, Stardoll and want to know more and new things about it! There will be special part for all the new Dolls who just joined Stardoll - Stardoll Beginners. They will be able to find out how to win Stardoll competitions (Album, Scenary, Covergirl, etc.), how to earn Stardollars, Starcoins, how to decorate their suite, medoll and many more. Meapte is also a blog with the latest trends, fashion news and everyday magazine with helpful articles and tips. We really hope that this will be your Home where you can feel free to ask anything, to find out everything about Stardoll and Fashion. Follow us and stay with Meapte Stardoll! Thank you!

You're welcomed with Love,
xxxo Musafa

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