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Stardoll disappointments!

Stardoll Disappointments

Hello! , my name is Aoife and I am a writer for Meapte Stardoll, It's only my first post because I have been terribly busy but I hope you enjoy it!

For 5 years now I have been an active user on stardoll, I always had dreams of achieving National Covergirl for Ireland and I tried to run for Miss Stardoll World this year, although I didn't win National Covergirl immediately I never gave up on my dream, it may have taken 4 or 5 months but in the end, I got there, although with MSW it wasn't so successful, but I still hope to run for it next year!. I first won National Covergirl in May and it literally was the best feeling in the world , the first time somebody wins!, I have since then won 5 more months out of 6. Although at first I felt like giving up because I felt I couldn't but I didn't, as a quotes say:
"If at first you don't succeed, try, try ,try again"
"be like a postage stamp , stick to something until you get there!"

Miss Stardoll World really angered me because I had spent hours upon hours asking for votes and I had spent more than 1k on stardollars broadcasting and I wasn't even a semi-finalist. Now I'm not a sore loser but majority of the Irish semi-finalists did not deserve to win, a lot of the people had received hardly any votes I had gotten over 2000 votes. But as I said I will try next year , there is no need to dwell on the past

!lf you are trying to win a competition , never , ever give up!. You will win someday! Just keep trying your best and if you ever want help everybody is here to help! , just think , if that girl or boy can win, then so can you!

I hope you enjoyed this first post!(:

Slán Aoífe!(:

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