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Hello, Ladies! You probably already got massagge from Stardoll that new Transform just came out and this Winter collection is STUNNING! Colours are different, there are some bright and some dark ones. I personally love them all! My favourite item is Burgundy Lipstick! It is amazingly beautiful and it fits perfectly with my MeDoll's skin colour wich is dark! Burgundy Lipstick is some kind of dark red, dark vine colour, beautiful.

Here's a quick review if you haven't saw it yet:

I usually don't really use a lot of things from Transform except lipsticks and eyeshadows, but I think I will use a lot of things from this collection, because it is my favourite so far! Try out some things on your MeDoll too and let us know how do you like new Transform store! 'Till the next post, Dollies!

xxxo, Musafa

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