srijeda, 12. prosinca 2012.


Hello, Dollies! You probably already noticed that there is LookBook button on our page, but you could also see that it is just about to come and today we decided to give you the CORRECT DATE - 20. December 2012.

LookBook is specially made for all of our Stylists who will have a chance to post all kinds of outfits for all of our dear readers out there! Every outfit will consist clothes that you can buy in Starplaza, their price, the store where can you find it and many more. I really hope that LookBook will be helpful and opened to Stardoll Fashionistas from all over the World, and once again, if you want to be our stylist, make sure to apply yourself under the Join Us button! Thank you.

Be with us on 20. December on Meapte's LookBook Opening Day and win some prizes, more info is about to come!

xxxo, Meapte Team

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