četvrtak, 20. prosinca 2012.


Hello Fashionistas! First, we would like to apologize, cause we didn't write for a long time and the main reason for that is because we were super, super-busy with all the work and with all the new stuff that we decided to bring in Meapte!

 However, we're now here and we are about to continue with our work and we going to start by this new amazing idea that Stardoll came up with named Stardoll Academy! In the Stardoll Academy every Stardollie has a chance to participate and to express her knowledge about fashion, beauty or decor. Stardoll Academy consists all kinds of easy and fun tasks for which you get amazing prizes for such as Stardollars, Starcoins, Starpoints and even some clothing or jewerly pieces. Many dolls adore this idea, because the prizes are awesome and very fashionable and we can all agree that Stardoll was never this generous! 

There also exists your Yearbook where all of your projects are saved! You can vote for projects by clicking on the purple heart that you can see once you click the picture and that's how you get your votes! You can get in your yearbook by clicking on the Purple Stardoll Academy Sign next to Broadcast Masagges!

We hope that you like the Academy idea just like us! Enjoy and have fun doing this easy and helpful tasks that will make you fall in love with Fashion even more, thank you Dollies!

xxxo, Meapte Team

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