utorak, 11. prosinca 2012.


Hello dollies,
Christmas is coming and well, everybody is super busy. I decided to do something I have seen in blogs before and is pretty cool; This Week’s Trend. It basically means that I will be uploading a new post about a different trend every week. Follow us if you like the idea! 

This week’s trend is denim. Well, I don’t think there are many people who dislike denim. Every fashionista knows about the ‘’perfect pair of jeans’’. But why not going a bit bolder? Like colored or printed denim. I love washed denim vests and destroyed denim shorts. May I add some studs?

1.Basic Plum Skinny Jeans
2.Jean Jacket
3.Nelly Shorts
 4.Distressed Jeans
5.Pale Roses Jeans

Extra Facts; Do you know that denim was originally called ''Serge de Nimes''  


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