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Hello Ladies,

Today’s post is about a look that has been a source of interest and intrigue for the fashion industry for more than two decades; Androgyny.

What it is.
Being androgynous means combining both feminine and masculine characteristics. Nowadays, female collections have been overwhelmed by girls in suits and oxfords. This style is considered to be very hard to pull off and in a very bizarre way very elegant and strong at the same time.

David Bowie, Brian Molko, Andrej Pejic, Lea T., Boy George, Amanda Moore 

You may also add some essentials to your closet like a nice white shirt, a pair of oxfords, a trench coat, some boyfriend cardis, some sweaters, an oversized leather bag and definitely a two piece suit.

Follow the example of many celebs that opted for a two piece suit instead of a dress. If you feel comfortable enough to pull it off you will be sure to stand out of the crowd. In case you want to make it a tiny bit more feminine add a nice pair of heels and a bold lip.

Last but not least; the makeup should be dark earthy tones for the eyes and nude for the lips. Top it off with a dark full brow. As far as your hair is considered, the pixie cut is gorgeous but for those who don’t dare try it a ponytail will do just fine.

Here are all the best parts of men’s fashion, use them to get a very androgynous look or use some of them to make your girly look a bit more interesting. Until next time,


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