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Hello Fashionistas,

I am sorry I have been absent for what feels like forever! You know, this time of the year everybody is super busy with shopping and doing all the last minute things and on top of that I got grades at school! However, I am back with This Week’s Trend. And, I thought, since it is Christmas time, what’s better than sequins and glitter? Do try them, and you’ll shine, literally.
Here are my favorite shiny items on stardoll.

1. Bonjur Bisou Sequin Faux Fur Shift 2. Fallen Angel RARE Inspired by Balmain, 3. Nelly.com Best Skirt 4. Evil Panda Kung Fu Fighting Shirt, 5. Just Cavalli Sequined Skinny Pants 6. Dolce Gabbana Dress 7. Hot Buys Sequin Dress 8. VIVIENNE TAM Water Light Print Origami Dress

xoxo, Nadia

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