nedjelja, 9. prosinca 2012.


Hi everyone, I'm the new writer of this blog. My name is Ana Maria, I'm 13. and I'm coming from Croatia. Today, I preapered for you some Stardollies that are inspired with the Christmas time. Check it out.

We're closer to Christmas! Some of the Stardollies have already did amazing job with their, suites, MeDolls and outfits! On the occasion of Christmas, I found for you the best design, best furnished room and the best combination on Stardoll! I trully love these girls' work and I hope you will enjoy them too.

For best design I choose: Laguz

Laguz made excellent design with her dress that she made out of hair and I trully think that she did amazing work on the Christmas theme.

For the best room, I choose: ceren.gk

Ceren.gk did a lovely job with her suite. I love it, it is seems so warm and cozy and beautiful. With the reindeer, fire, snow and red/green decorations, just fantastic. Ceren.gk has always a good taste and all of her rooms are designed so breathtaking!


For the best outfit combination, I choose: daisy-croatia

Daisy-Croatia always has amazing combinations with many details. I just simply love her outfits!
It was very difficult to choose the best design, the best specified suite, and the best combination, because the dollies are beautiful and special in their own way! What do you think about them? ;)

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year, everyone! 

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