četvrtak, 17. siječnja 2013.


Surely you have many times been in demand for a wig! But sometimes  you  cant  find  a perfect wig  that suit you. So i decided to make this post to help you find a wig!Soo..take a look!
teusa has really good designs, i love them! For sell she has wigs,heels,legs and more.Take a look .
This is ivana12-,she is not so famous ,but her wigs are really beutiful.Go to her baazar!
This is cipria ,she make really fantastic wigs.Her wigs are enough cheap.She has a lot of   hair designs.Unfortunately  she dosnt become a price for her wigs :(
Her name is elfinCoverGirl ,she is so beutiful.I love all her wigs ,it would be damage  to not look at her baazar!

Thank you for reading!  Your blogger blizanci. xoxoxo                                                        

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  1. Hi! I want to buy wig!!, do you know a member who sell wigs for starcoins? my stardoll is Dulceakasha