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Tied shirts/tee

Hello dear readers, here it's viilie! I'm back from my travel, I owe you an apology cause I haven't post anything interesting since I've been making part of this family.. I have written some articles, but I just found time to post them now, and I'm really sorry for that.. I hope you like my posts :)

Today I'm going to talk a little about a recent trend, that is actually back from 80's. It's the tied shirt! Yeah, this trend started in 80's, 90's and it's interesting to know that it was the first time women used shirts and the tie was a female touch (sorry I couldn't find pics of 80's).

In 80's women used to wear it with high-wasted pants (which wasn't the way it is today), with shorts, over a dress.. And well, this trend became famous again when the stylist Patrícia Field dressed Sarah Jessica Parker a checked shirt in the movie Sex And The City.

And the best part of it is that there are several ways to combine and you can always adopt it in your look.. You know when your outfit doesn't look good on you? For example, your shirt is too long, and it's hiding a detail you want to show.. Try to tie your shirt, it's simple and easy and it could be the missed piece of your outfit! And it's not just this, the trick helps who wants to show the belly and doesn't know how to start. You can use it with shorts, long skirts or even cropped pants. Shirts with tight pants and flat shoes is a good combination if you like vintage outfits.

For people who live in countries that is in summer now, enjoy it! Cause at least here, in Brazil, I've seen A LOT of people using it.. even my mom! Believe me, this trend is so nice that looks good in everyone.

In Stardoll:

Well, I created some outfits with some items I have, and as you can see I mixed styles and seasons.. And it's nice in Stardoll, cause the knot isn't just in front, and it's not always the same knot.. 

I have more examples to you:

1. Pretty n'Love - Carrie top
2. Antidote - Tie Front Sweater
3. Young Hollywood - Rihanna Denim Crop Top
4. Tingeling - Bamboo Tie Shirt
5. Rio - Hot Buys Zebra Top

I know we can find more of them in Starbazaar, one that is very famous is part of Sex And The City's collection, and it's the inspired in the shirt that Jessica's using in the picture above (I can't remember who has it, that's why I didn't show it here)

What do you think of this trend? Did you like or no way to use it? 

bisou bisou,

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