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Hello everoyne! Recentley, I've been getting some questions from new and old Stardoll members asking me do I know what is Callie's Crew, how to become part of it & what it acttualy stands for. It was hard for me to explain what this Callie's Crew does, because Stardoll never spoke a word about it and never shared it with the whole Stardoll Comunity. When you go to the club, there is absolutley no signs whatsoever that will help you even guess what this could be, but luckly I have found the real meaning of this Crew.

Obviously, I was asking some members and my friends, as well, do they mabye know what this could be, but nobody had a clue. I decided to search it over the Internet and I found some information in Underneath Stardoll Blog. Mabye you noticed it, mabye you didn't, but dolls who are part of Callie's Crew, they have a purple mark, just like Stardoll Staff on their page, but it doesn't say Stardoll Staff, it says Callie's Crew. Here's the one I found at ceren.gk's page (the winner of MSW 2011.):

So, using the information that I found on Underneath Stardoll, what I found out is that this Callie's Crew is acttualy a club for respected and long serving MeDolls who have help Stardoll in keeping it a safe site and fun place for everyone of all ages and nationalities. Everyone who wants to become member of Callie's Crew has to be at least level 40 and he has to complete the Safety Quiz. However, Stardoll is currently not accepting any new applications, but, as they say, if and when they do, they will make sure to share it with the entire Stardoll Community. 

They aren't many members of Callie's Crew, Underneath Stardoll has revealed a couple more, with the ceren.gk, some members of Callie's Crew are Madmadeleine and Madrockafox. 

What do you think about this?
xxxo, Musafa

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