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Hello everyone! My name is Barbara (barbaracanon on Stardoll) and I am new writter for Meapte Stardoll! I hope you're going to enjoy my posts!! For my first post I decided to talk about some styles that are most used these days! Enjoy!

First thing that comes to my mind when someone says Sweet Style is definetley something sweet, nice, sometimes I even say that it could be childlish. :) Style is also made of a lot of details wich also makes it original as well. Mostly, it always appears in some gentle colours like light pink and blue. Here is an example


Romantic Style is very serious, and obviously, romantic. Mostly, this style appears in a little bit darker colours like red, dark red and black, just like in this example:


Classic Style can be classic style or dark style, in this case, it is something like EVERYDAY STYLE, something usual and ordinary, but that doesn't mean that this style consists only tops and jeans! In Classic Style, we also consists some other fashion supplements and accessories, take a look:

I hope you enjoyed my first post!
Yours, Barbara

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