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 Hello everyone! Today I prepeared one post where I'm going to show you top 8 most popular pieces of clothing on Stardoll! These things are in mostly everyone's wishlists.

First most wanted Stardoll clothing item are Black Platforms from Archive. Those platforms came in Starplaza in 2010. Everyone wants to have them, they are very expensive and one of the most rare items on Stardoll.

Scuba dress is so very famous and rare dress from  DKNY. She came in DKNY's first collection long, long time ago.

Tan Plather Platforms are from Pretty in Love. They look like the shoes from archive, but only in different colour. They come in starcoins & they are also very wanted.

Of course, bandana. She came on Stardoll also very long time ago, but Stardoll decided to return it again in RIO for 4 SD! Later, Stardoll removed it from the store again.

Katy Blue Velvet Shoes are from the first collection from Young  Hollywood, they are really rare and expensive.Noone sells it under the price 600 SD.

Sher Maxi Skirt from Mortall Kiss. Everyone are crazy about this skirt, some people don't even want to sell it, it's very beautiful and elagant, but people who decide to sell it, they don't put the price under 500 SD for sure.

The Gucci Hat. It isn't that rare, but it is also one of the most wanted items on Stardoll. Everyone are crazy about head pieces.

Winter Mill Jeans from Mortall Kiss. I love them so much because they are tattered, really funky and cool-looking. They aren't very rare and they aren't very, very expensive, aswell.

Thank you so much for reading!
Your blogger, Blizanci

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  1. Nice post I really I like this haha :D

  2. you should probably add the DVF oversized bow lol

  3. I have the black pleather platforms by the store Callie's Picks.
    Go, it's not for long time! o:

  4. what about the brown/pink puffy skirt thats in babyfacejoos wishlist

  5. I have the Black Platforms from Archive, The Gucci Hat and the Winter Mill Jeans from Mortall Kiss :D