utorak, 8. siječnja 2013.


Today new items came in Apres Ski store in Starplaza. In Apres Ski, as we all know, we can find items for Winter, the store only consists Winter collections and they aren't that bad. They're not that expensive either. This new collection, kinda for me personally, isn't much batter then the previous one, I have to admit that I like the previous one more, but there are some things in this new collection that I will definetley buy. 

As we can see, there are some shiny silver patterns some vests, furry coats and oversized sweaters. I don't like how heels lost a bit of originality in this collection but there are some details and accessories that can be well used. 

My favourite item will definetley be the Winter Owl Dress. First I thought that it comes in two parts, I thought it's a dress and a sweater, but this can work too. The light blue and beige are mixed, I like that. The Party Ski Dress isn't bad too, just like Knitted Frost Jumper. 

How do you like the new Apre Ski Collection? What's your favourite item? :]
xxxo, Musafa

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