subota, 5. siječnja 2013.

Talented unknown MeDolls (2)

Dear dollies, 
this is the second part of this column ! I won't talk to much ... let's just work ;)


When i see her suite there's not a thing that I would change 'cause it is amazing, just the way it is !!
OMG, her suite iz awsome !!   

Rest of her rooms are even better !
She was NCG, second place CG, third place scenery MSW SemiFinalist !


She designes poses, hair, shoes, she has so much achivements, she is so creative, she designes tematic dresses and so much other things ! Beautiful, just beautiful !!
Interior designes ... her outfits, suite ... no comment !


This girl make awsome interior designs ! Closets, carpets *O*


This was all for this week, if you want to be in this column (next number) just apply in comment or my guestbook !

Miss-Lea-Zd !

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  1. I really love the first suite room, the one with green walls. It's so perfect, nothing looks out of place :-O