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Talented unknown MeDolls (3)

Dear dollies,
this is the third number of this column so I need to say that I am really excited beucase so many of you asked me can they be mentioned in this post. 
But, please, if you want to be mentioned in this column you need to be selfcritic person !
Some of the dolls that asked me can they be mentioned in this column are beautiful but still average ... please BE MORE CREATIVE ! 

So, let's start :

1.MissKissGirl98 - this girl has an amazing suite ! Creatice and "warm" I can call it HOME .
Her outfits are very, very nice and they can be everyday outfits, glamourus outfuits ... her combinatuions are nice . She is a real fashion girl ! She also designes hair, I think it is very interesting and exotic ! 

2.ILOVEHELLY- this girl is very CREATIVE ! Her suite is kinda funny with the wacum and all ;) it is really nice ! She designes amazing wigs, bandanas ! Jelwerry.... she has so much achivements ! As I can see I think she is nice girl ... Her outfits are just HIGH FASHION ! They are simple but beautiful !


  3.CoolGirl185 - This girl has it's own COLECTION ! I think it's inspiring and beautiful it's called "Mistic by M" .... very mistic name for a colection, don't you think that ? ;)
She designes wigs to and has a lot of achivements ! She was MSW semi-finalist two times and she has nice outfits !

This is it ! Hope you like it ! And if you want to be mentioned in this column just send me a message or guestbook comment !

Miss-Lea-Zd :* 

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