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Cobain Torn Sweater Outfits

Good morning everyone! , I hope you're well, I apologize again for not writing here for a while, but my exams are over now , I can dedicate myself to here now!.

 I decided to make a post on the Cobain Torn Sweater. It is such a beautiful piece of fashion, I just adore it. You can find it in starplaza under the store Evil Panda, it is only 50 starcoins, such a bargain right!, I find it so useful for my doll, my dolls style changes nearly every day but that fits in so well with most styles!. Here's a picture of it :

What I'm really doing in his post is showing you how to use the sweater in outfits.

Outfit 1.              
       For this outfit I used :
  • Gucci Holiday Tribute- black winter hat
  • Archive-  Photo flower print tee 
  • Evil Panda- Cobain torn sweater
  • Decade- Editorial shorts
  • Archive- Black pleather platforms
  • Fallen Angel- Black heavyweight platforms 
  • Fallen Angel - Gothic pantyhose
  • RIO- Black sheer tights        

Outfit 2.
        For this outfit , Matthew used:
  • Evil Panda- Cobain torn sweater
  • Evil Panda- Non-violence print t shirt
  • Bonjour Bisou- Patched Skinny jeans
  • Mortal Kiss- Pin brooch
  • Archive- Black pleather platforms

Outfit 3.
       He used , the following for this outfit:
  • Evil Panda- Cobain torn sweater
  • Fallen Angel- Bleached jeans
  • Mr- Two toned rocker tee
  • Fallen Angel- crosses
  • Apres Ski- Fair Isle knit hat

Well that's all for now, I hope you liked this , and maybe you are inspired to but the sweater now?:) 

-Aoife :)

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